Brazilian style panties Teyli

Brazilian style panties Teyli

Flesh-colored women's brazilians, made of thin and transparent material. They are very impressively combined with delicate lace with a floral motif, which decorates the panties on the front and back. Due to the high-quality lace, the panties look elegant, nicely surrounding the buttocks and exposing them, giving them an alluring look. Due to its lightness, the lace does not pierce through clothing and does not stretch. At the top there is a mesh, which is lined with a thin elastic band that holds the panties well at the right height, without leaving marks on the skin. On the inside, near the crotch, they are lined with nice-to-touch cotton, which ensures freshness. The brazilians look extremely sexy and elegant. Thanks to their lightness, the body breathes and the skin does not sweat. They are addressed to all women, regardless of age.

Spandex 6 %
Polyester 94 %
Size Hips width
L 102 cm
M 98 cm
S 94 cm
XL 106 cm
XS 90 cm
XXL 110 cm