Panties Ava
Panties Ava

Panties Ava

Ava Yasemin 2106 panties are the essence of feminine elegance and sophisticated style. The combination of black, beige and ecru colors, gives the effect of subtle sensuality, emphasizing the natural beauty of every woman. Decorated with lace, they give a romantic charm, while perfectly matching with everyday closet. Extremely comfortable panties, perfectly fitting to the body guarantees that every woman will find the perfect model for herself. Suitable for any occasion thanks to its universal style. Full, beautifully decorated with lace add elegance. Composed of 91% polyamide, 5% cotton and 4% elastane, which ensures a perfect fit and comfortable wearing. Polish production is a guarantee of the highest quality and attention to every detail, even the smallest. Hand-washing is advisable to preserve their beauty for longer

Cotton 5 %
Spandex 4 %
polyamide 91 %
Size Hips width
L 101-106 cm
M 95-100 cm
XL 107-113 cm
XXL 114-120 cm