Shapewear Body Kalimo

Shapewear Body Kalimo

Body prepared especially for lace underwear lovers. Quintessence of lace style in lingerie wardrobe.
Body strongly emphasizing waist and fitting to the body. Mostly delicately transparent except for the bust, which has soft microfiber inserts for the better comfort of the owner of the body. At the bottom there is a double lace ribbon which corresponds with the V-neckline. Back in full lace going to the front with wide straps. Sleeveless.
. Underwear certainly stands out among the others in your wardrobe. This is not underwear for everyone. More for connoisseurs of good style. Does it belong to them? Or maybe you want to try it?

Size Hips Chest
L 101-105 cm 95-99 cm
M 96-100 cm 90-94 cm
S 91-95 cm 84-89 cm
XL 106-110 cm 100-104 cm