Shapewear Body Teyli

Shapewear Body Teyli

Women's see-through mesh bodysuit is a unique proposition for bold women who want to feel extra sexy. The bodysuit is made of delicate black mesh, which subtly reveals the body, while leaving plenty of room for imagination. The bust is decorated with patterned lace, which emphasizes feminine shapes and adds charm to the whole styling. The open crotch, in turn, guarantees comfort and freedom of movement, which is especially important for erotic lingerie. Thin, adjustable and elastic straps can be adjusted to individual needs and preferences. On the back they cross and are an extension to the strap that connects to the bodysuit. This is not only a stylish accessory, but also an element that emphasizes a woman's curves and adds character to the whole styling. The straps are decorated with three small rings, which add subtlety and elegance to the whole styling. Women's bodysuit of transparent mesh in black is an excellent choice for women who want to feel special and seductive. This is lingerie that adds confidence and emphasizes feminine sensuality.

Spandex 6 %
Polyester 94 %
Size Hips Chest
2XL/3XL 110-114 cm 104-108 cm
L/XL 102-106 cm 96-100 cm
S/M 94-98 cm 88-92 cm