Shapewear Body Hot in here

Shapewear Body Hot in here

Do you radiate power and energy? Use them to achieve maximum pleasure. Discover together what's new and mysterious! You exude an aura of mystery. Black cleavage hides your true intentions. His eyes wander over the map of your body. Will you let him get lost in a flowery garden, or entangled in a strong and clearly drawn net? Or maybe you will simply point him in the right direction? Mystique is a sophisticated bodysuit with a romantic character. A decidedly built-up top gradually transforms into a boldly transparent bottom, while a distinctive strap, like a signpost, playfully wanders between the buttocks. Strong, straight lines emphasize its avant-garde style and power.

Spandex 8 %
Nylon 92 %
Size Hips Chest Waist
S/M 90-100 cm 80-90 cm 60-75 cm