Shapewear Body Hot in here

Shapewear Body Hot in here

Are you coquettish with a smile, flirtatiously peeking from under your lashes? A shy initiative never so out of the blue? And you would like to and you are afraid... Here to cover, there to reveal... Oh, this indecision must be overcome! And just as a woman can be shy, so this body is ambiguous. Full of charm and subtlety, it does not reveal everything, neither by its cut, nor by its weave. The suggestion is, however, evident ;). Not so shy is a modern, geometric bodysuit, which coquettishly reveals the back, plays with transparencies and dense weave. It is not pushy and stylishly presents the silhouette. The height of sophistication, femininity and sensuality. It combines girlish flirtatiousness and feminine allure.

Spandex 8 %
Nylon 92 %
Size Hips Chest Waist
S/M/L 90-105 cm 80-85 cm 60-85 cm