Soft Axami
Soft Axami

Soft Axami

Extremely stable and richly decorated half-corset, this model has already entered the hearts of customers. The curved part of the bra under the breasts is lined with flesh-colored tulle with expressive black lace. The cups are also made of a single layer of lace, with rich patterns, so that the gaze of the onlooker focuses only on you and your charms. Additionally, the straps on the breasts and on the back are decorated with gold elements to shine more strongly in the light of the night. The model is fastened with a five-row hook with a two-stage regulation of the circuit. The straps are not covered in this model.

Size Underbust Chest
65C 63-67 cm 81-82 cm
65D 63-67 cm 83-84 cm
65E 63-67 cm 85-86 cm
70A 68-72 cm 82-83 cm
70B 68-72 cm 84-85 cm
70C 68-72 cm 86-87 cm
70D 68-72 cm 88-89 cm
70E 68-72 cm 90-91 cm
75A 73-77 cm 87-88 cm
75B 73-77 cm 89-90 cm
75C 73-77 cm 91-92 cm
75D 73-77 cm 93-94 cm
75E 73-77 cm 95-96 cm
80A 78-82 cm 92-93 cm
80B 78-82 cm 94-95 cm
80C 78-82 cm 96-97 cm
80D 78-82 cm 98-99 cm
80E 78-82 cm 100-101 cm
85B 83-87 cm 99-100 cm
85C 83-87 cm 101-102 cm
85D 83-87 cm 103-104 cm