Soft Axami
Soft Axami

Soft Axami

Seductive balconette soft bra delights with its simplicity and floral motifs. Double pleats on the cups make your bust more prominent and fuller. The lowered seam on the bridge makes your breasts perfectly separated and their round shape emphasized. The wires under the cup keep the bust stable. The cup has no fillers, made of a single layer of lace. Non-removable straps along with rich embellishments emphasize the natural feminine beauty. The model is fastened with a double-breasted hook and eye fastener. For the set we recommend thong and garter belt, which together with the bra make an original combination.

Size Underbust Chest
65D 63-67 cm 83-84 cm
65E 63-67 cm 85-86 cm
65F 63-67 cm 87-88 cm
70C 68-72 cm 86-87 cm
70D 68-72 cm 88-89 cm
70E 68-72 cm 90-91 cm
70F 68-72 cm 92-93 cm
75B 73-77 cm 89-90 cm
75C 73-77 cm 91-92 cm
75D 73-77 cm 93-94 cm
75E 73-77 cm 95-96 cm
75F 73-77 cm 97-98 cm
75G 73-77 cm 99-100 cm
80C 78-82 cm 96-97 cm
80D 78-82 cm 98-99 cm
80E 78-82 cm 100-101 cm
80F 78-82 cm 102-103 cm
85C 83-87 cm 101-102 cm
85D 83-87 cm 103-104 cm
85E 83-87 cm 105-106 cm